Aliss Virna

Bringer Of Misfortune



Str 14
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 9
Wis 7
Cha 18

Hp 9
Ac 19


Exiled from the Underdark at the young age of 60 years, Aliss Virna left the darkness of her home for the surface world. With as much money as she could hold she fled to Traevantahl the elven city in the trees. She was not the only Drow in the city though she never really felt as though she belonged among the surface elves. She worked odd jobs here and there to pay for her stay in the various inns she slept at though misfortune always seemed to follow her and caused her to move from inn to inn. Eventually she had to leave Traevantahl making her way to each new town, the ghosts of her past following her making her life more difficult as she went. Eventually she chose to live in the wilds outside a rural Haydon. She learned to use a bow to hunt in the wilds living off the land was much easier for her rather than living with others. Soon though the town became under attack by all sorts of creatures. Rather than showing her face to the new guards that appeared in the town she picked off the creatures hidden from view only if the people of the town really needed the help.

Aliss Virna

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