Feroge Gado

Curious Orc Brute


Full Orc Two-Handed Fighter Level 1

Str- 20
Dex- 8
Con- 16
Int- 12
Wis- 8
Cha- 6

HP- 13
AC- 14

Initiative: -1

Climb- +5
Swim- +5
Use Magic Device- +9

Skill Focus(UMD)
Power Attack

Dangerously Curious
Pragmatic Activator

Warded Against Nature


Feroge grew up in the deserts of Infers much like any other of her nomadic people. From a young age she was taught how to survive. While she did not excel in this practice as much as her fellows when it came to matters of tracking or knowledge of the land she more than made up for it with raw brute strength. Early on it was clear that Feroge had a mighty build even if she was a bit clumsy with her strength. So while she struggled to find prey or sources of water, when she did find any creatures she was able to wrestle them down single handedly and if she was led to a watering hole she could carry back many times more than any other member of the tribe could hope to.

It did not take many years for Feroge to decide that the nomadic lifestyle of the desert simply was not for her. Sure there was plenty of exploring and traveling to sate her, but it ended up being the same thing all of the time after a while. She wanted to see new sights. Explore different places. Fight exciting things. With these thoughts filling her mind she decided to depart. Leaving the tribe was simple enough. Many young ones would leave for a time to stretch their legs and see the world. Some would never come back for one reason or another, but those who did were always strengthened by the experience in some way. It was even seen by some to be a sort of de facto right of passage among her people. So with dreams of wonder in her mind Feroge left to explore the world.

While she’d always been aware of the divine to a small degree from her upbringing it was the start of her adventure that endeared Feroge into the worship of Desna. As much as she enjoyed a good scrap there was nothing that beat the feeling Feroge got every time she saw a sight that was completely new and foreign to her. The fights were pretty good too though. Be it a minor performance in an arena or wolves out on the trail she ate up every combat experience she encountered and did her best to learn from each one.

When she’d left her people she was armed with nothing more than simple leathers and her dad’s old dagger, but every victory in the fighting pits and job from some odd source made her stronger in body and equipment. Scale mail here, a greatsword there, it wasn’t long before Feroge had a small yet heavy arsenal all to her own. Though as strong as she’d become the subtleties of things like bows and thrown weapons always managed to elude her. That awkwardness of body from her younger days was something that she just couldn’t seem to shake. Instead of trying to improve her already poor skills she decided to focus and double down on what she had. She’d wield the heaviest and hardest hitting weapons she could get her hands on and use her brute strength to take her wherever she wanted to go.

Moving from place to place she was realizing more and more that as new and interesting as some of the sights were she’d been mostly just traveling through her homeland of Infers. At this point Feroge decided she’d strike out further into an entirely different place. The Faneari Archipelago was said to be a much different place despite not being all that far from her own land in places. It was decided. She fight some matches and save up the coin to travel across the sea to this very different place.

The land Feroge found was more chaotic than what she’d expected. While there was a council of guilds that decreed law many still acted outside the bounds of these guilds. Enough pirates and outcasts in one place would naturally lead to that she supposed. Though thanks to that chaos she was never short of work once she knew where to look. Bounty hunting, mercenary work, there was always some kind of job for someone who could swing around a sword and take a beating. It was in this land that Feroge earned many more scars than she’d had before. No matter how many arena fights or wildlands she’d traversed there was something about the chaotic skirmishes on the deck of a ship or the clash of mercenary forces against one another that she’d not quite experienced before. But each gash was a lesson and every scar was a reminder of the lesson it had taught. She would grow stronger and continue to overcome these trials.

Till this point Feroge had spend a great deal of her time alone. After leaving the tribe she rarely spent much time in the company of the same people before parting ways. It suited her well enough. She’d never been very good with other people after all. Too blunt, too oblivious, simply lacking in much social grace. But she had started to get lonely after a while. It was around that time she came into the company of a strange Sylph. She was much different from anyone Feroge had met before. While doing some work for ‘Magical Mixtures’ involving protecting some of their lower ranked members while they searched for reagents Feroge came across someone who caught her eye upon their return to the guild. The woman went by Celes and seemed to have need of a strong arm. All the better if there was at least some kind of thinking brain attached to that arm it seemed. Happy to have someone to team up with and stick with for a time Feroge gladly agreed to at least a temporary partnership.

Not feeling the need to question her reasoning much Feroge followed Celes to the village of Hayden. Probably a pretty good reason for it. While they’d not been together very long if there was one thing that Feroge had learned it’s that Celes kept secrets. Many secrets. Though she didn’t feel the need to pry. Walking down the streets Feroge casually stays back as Celes enters a tavern. While clever enough for an orc she still isn’t the best when dealing with people. Rather she waits patiently. If she hears her name called or even the slightest sound of a fight about to break out well…the tavern had best be insured.

Feroge Gado

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