Nelphinia "Celes" Onoxim

Purveyor of Knowledge


Abadius 19 age 73

Sylph Rogue 1

Str- 8
Dex- 16
Con- 10
Int- 18
Wis- 10
Cha- 14

HP- 8

Initiative- +5
Fortitude- +0
Reflex- +5
Will- +0

Appraise – +8
Bluff- +6
Diplomacy- +6
Disable Device- +7
Disguise- +6
Escape Artist- +7
Knowledge Arcana- +5
Knowledge Dungeoneering- +4
Knowledge Local- +8
Linguistics- +8
Sense Motive- +4
Sleight of Hand- +7
Stealth- +11

1st- Accomplished Sneak Attacker

Magical Knack (WIzard)



From an early age Nelphinia had a fascination for things that didn’t belong to her. She loved to collect items of others she deemed valuable as well as their secrets. This problem manifested itself in several items of varying importance being stowed away in a hollowed tree. One night at the age of 30 (just barely an early teen by Sylph standards) traveling group that was performing in the city for coin featured a wizard who would cast spells of magic fire to enhance the dancers routines Nelphinia decided that she had to learn the secret of magic fire.

That night after her parents were in bed she snuck out of her family home to the performers caravan. Upon arriving she slipped through the shadows till she arrived at the wizard’s tent. Quietly she watched until he stepped out to relieve himself and she made her way into his tent. Her eyes darted around the room settling on a trunk tucked beside the bedroll. Fumbling with the lock for a moment she managed to spring the mechanism and pulled open the lid. Inside were several items of different arcane importance, but her eye’s were drawn to the weathered spell book laying on a piece of cloth.

Clutching it tightly to her chest she ran for the woods. Finding her tree she wrapped the book in a cloak of a boy she fancied (stolen of course) and set off to come back and read it tomorrow when she found herself unable to move. Hold Person she later found out was the name of the spell that robbed her of her movement and later all her treasures. The wizard whose book she had just taken followed her. “Very interesting” he said looking her over as he walked a small circle around her. “Easy on the eyes for your age, skilled thievery, and intelligent eyes. You’ll fetch a high price at one of the guilds”

As it turned out he was a member of “The contractors” guild and she would be sold to “Magic Mixtures” to repay her crime. Torn from her home and her family, and worst in her mind her treasures she was taken to a guild hall in a distant city. Her first couple years were spent tending to the guild’s store front as a maid. These years passed slowly as the work kept her busy and the guild leader’s kept her leash short.

Luckily due to her sharp ears she was able to obtain a couple treasures in the form of secrets. She learned of customers purchasing potions to cheat on spouses, oils to deal with diseases, noble with herbal addictions. This information kept her going. Eventually she was able to use this information in exchange for being allowed to work in the library store room of the guild. At last she was able to find things to fill her bored mind. She began pouring through the tomes in her spare time learning everything she could about magic, people, religion and beyond.

A bitterness began to grow inside her from being forced into this life. In her mind the wizard’s tome she stole those years ago belonged to her. How dare he sell her into this life for just taking what should’ve been her’s from the start.

One of the books she stumbled across spoke of the goddess Calistria. Revenge, information, and lust things that echoed in her heart. The more she read the more she felt a connection to Calistria. It wasn’t long before she gave herself fully into her ideals; using her body to obtain information, information for favors, favors for resources. Always striving towards a goal to eliminate the man who resigned her to this fate.

Chance once again worked in her favor when she overheard a rumor that a traveling performance group was visiting this very town in the coming weeks. Through her silver tongue and a gift of wine, she was granted leave for a night to go see the group perform. The Library master didn’t see his letter opener stuck into her boot as she setout for the performance grounds.

She sat and watched the performance of the wizard, “Celes the Great” he was called. Recognizable by her after these long years as the one who cost her freedom. She waited outside his tent waiting to hear rhythmic breathing from inside. It was a lot messier than anticipated when she stabbed the letter opener through his neck, but she couldn’t help savoring this moment. After the deed was done she once again opened the trunk to a familiar sight of a weathered book. Taking her book she disappeared into the night.

As she crept into adulthood Nelphinia rose through the guild ranks. No longer was she an indentured slave, but a full member with title. Tasked with traveling the world searching out new herbs, stealing recipes, and searching out new store locations. A long road has finally lead her to the new village of Hayden. Making her way through the streets she steps into a local tavern to see what secrets this little town must house. “Ale” she orders. “Sure, didn’t catch your name miss…” “Celes” she answers as her eyes wander to the lone bottle of Sealord Wine set aside…

Letter opener/dagger- Stolen from the Library Master
Spellbook- Stolen from Celes to learn magic
Silver Asmodeus Holy Symbol- Stolen from a man Nelphinia fancied and refuted her advances
Dice- Stolen from a local tavern table during a brawl she instigated
Puzzle Box – Stolen from a young boy.
Expended Magic Wand- Stolen from an adventurer Nelphinia lured into a fling.

Goggles, smoked – Stolen from a shop while stealing info for the guild
Bronze/leather armband- Stolen from her parents when she found her way back to their town and refused to even see her.
Earrings – Stolen from a local jewelry shop
Leather choker- Stolen from a local dog who wouldn’t stay quiet at night

Lot’s of secrets.

Nelphinia "Celes" Onoxim

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