Eleysia Campaign

Riandriss - Bandits Battle

And so it begins, my journey with Sierra has become a journey with an adventuring troupe!  Can you believe it?  I can’t!  I hope I’ll be useful.  I think that they like me.  Maybe.  Sierra does.  Sorta.  She’ll like me more later I will do that.

But we lost one.  Feroge, an orc who charged a bandit camp.  It’s all my fault.  I mean it isn’t it is?  It could be.  I think it was.  She ran forward too fast and I couldn’t get to her in time.  That makes it my fault.  Right?  Right!  Maybe. 

Anyways, we approached this bandit camp because Sierra and I were attacked earlier by bandits.  We kill all of those bandits except one.  He was sent to the town or something.  I don’t know.  I wasn’t paying attention.  Oops!  I should but all these new possible friends!

We kill them and I guess Sierra felt it was good to join with this group.  So we did.  I healed Sierra and kept her alive!  So good.  She didn’t say much though so maybe I didn’t do it well enough.  I’ll do better next time.  Well, next next time.  Next time I didn’t do so good.

Right, we decided to attack the bandit camp at night.  We approached it in the dark… Feroge was really loud!  So they saw us.  I think I got in her way or something.  I mean I wasn’t near her but maybe I distracted her.  I do that.  You know me.  We were spotted so I started singing to try and make everyone feel better about it.  Inspire them!  I think it worked.  A bit.

We killed five of the bandits.  There was a nice line of them.  Then Feroge ran into the camp and died.  I was trying to keep up with her.  I failed her.  I failed everyone.  She was so heroic!  She didn’t even get scared.  So brave.  She charged in with those weapons of her and was going to kill all of the bandits herself.  But… they shot her full of arrows.  So many many arrows.  She fell dead.  Then everyone started running away.

I followed Sierra.  I probably should have stayed and fought right?  I’m a failure. I should have stayed and kept Feroge alive.  Well, no, she was dead already so I should have kept her alive and then stayed and then killed all of the bandits!  

I miss Feroge.  I didn’t really know her but I miss her anyway. 

In the dark she did go
Leading all to the foe
Champion orc of deadly grace
She took an arrow to the face

Feroge the great, Feroge the bold
Powerful orc, no one could hold
Her deeds were strong and inspiring
All she was we are admiring

Combat power was her way
She’d cut up foes every day
Growing large and mighty strong
She defeated foes by the throng

One time she cut bandits down
And carried them all around
Upon her blade so mightily
She displayed such vitality

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